We check every stage of processing

Our factory is set out in separate units to guarantee that there is no product contamination caused by flows crossing over.

From mixing to packaging, through laminating, shaping, rising, baking and cooling in a microfiltered air current, the process is highly automated and controls are carried out at each stage to guarantee the best results for consumers both in terms of quality and safety.

The various packaging lines enable the production of multi-pack  bags or trays of individually packed products. This versatility enables Nuova Ruggeri to work closely with its customers to develop private labels. During the packaging phase, all the products undergo metal detector and weight controls.

Nuova Ruggeri isn’t just about technology, it’s also about tradition. The company has chosen to use starter yeast for its products which is expertly refreshed every day to enhance this natural ingredient’s incredible sensory characteristics and preservation capacities.

Why does starter yeast make our products better?

In brewer’s yeast, saccharomyces cerevisiae, the microorganisms responsible for fermentation, act by way of alcoholic fermentation, producing alcohol and carbon dioxide. Instead the symbiotic culture of yeasts and lactobacilli of starter yeast also leads to lactic fermentation with the consequent production of lactic and acetic acid. The acid environment reduces the possibility of contamination from other non-acidophilic species of bacteria so that Nuova Ruggeri does not need to use chemical preservatives.

The carbon dioxide produced induces the formation of the characteristic ‘bubbles’ which give the product its distinctive cell-like structure. The long rising times, due to the use of natural yeast, ensure that the fragrance and taste of the product are inimitable.

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