Secrets of our delights

Nuova Ruggeri has always placed the quality of its processes and products among its main goals. This is why the company, in addition to implementing a strict method and HACCP system, has introduced its own organization in accordance with the IFS International Food Standards recognized at European level.
The accurate controls during the whole production process, from the arrival of the raw materials to the release of the finished product, and the attention to every phase of the process, guarantee the quality and safety that the consumer needs, every day.
In particular, the Nuova Ruggeri quality policy includes:
SELECTION AND CONTROL OF THE RAW MATERIALS: the suppliers of our raw materials are selected and tested periodically, the ingredients used comply with strict internal regulations and are also subject to constant checks thanks to external accredited laboratories. Only fresh eggs are used, the flour is obtained from top quality grain, and the concentrated anhydrous butter really brings out the aroma and taste of the finished product.
OGM FREE: the ingredients used by Nuova Ruggeri do not derive from genetically modified raw materials.
NO HYDROGENATED FATS: the vegetable fats (margarine) do not originate from hydrogenation processes, which can cause an increase in cholesterol levels and cardiovascular illnesses among consumers.
NO PRESERVATIVES:  only top quality raw materials are used; state-of-the-art production and packaging systems, natural yeast and observance of high hygiene standards in the production units guarantee a long life for the finished product without the use of chemical preservatives.
STAFF TRAINING: excellent product quality is also guaranteed by ongoing staff training in hygiene and safety at work. Staff are trained to understand the importance of their individual role in the process and are continually involved in sharing managerial goals.

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